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IMG_6913I haven’t updated this site for a while. I’ve been working on some longer projects.

But I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been writing this year, as well as links to various places I’ve been talking.

Deutsche Welle

Freed from coalition, UK’s Cameron swings to the right 

This report looks at the new government’s agenda.

Dissatisfaction and anticipation in London as UK counts votes

For this election night report, I spoke to voters in the UK about their hopes and fears.

UK military trainers set to head for Ukraine

This story examines Britain’s role in Ukraine.

New Statesman

I’ve written some posts on foreign affairs for the New Statesman.

Islamic State faces a complex web of militant groups and violence in Pakistan

This piece looks at the threat of ISIS in Pakistan, where the group has claimed a few attacks. I wrote it after returning from a reporting trip to Karachi (more from that trip coming soon)

What is behind the resurgence of AAP, India’s radical anti-corruption party?

Following the Delhi election in March, I wrote this explainer about the Aam Aadmi Party.

New Humanist

I’m assistant editor at the New Humanist. My main job is commissioning and editing for the quarterly magazine, but I also write regularly for the magazine and website. Here are a couple of pieces I’ve written recently.

In western democracies, is reading a political act?

For the Spring issue of the magazine, I interviewed Azar Nafisi, Iranian academic and author of Reading Lolita in Tehran and a new book, the Republic of the Imagination.

Atheist bloggers are under attack in Bangladesh

Following the brutal murder of another atheist blogger in Bangladesh, I wrote this piece about the threats to freedom of speech in the country (a subject I’ve covered in the past for Index on Censorship.


I appear regularly on the BBC news channel’s Paper Review, most recently in April (see picture).

‘m also a regular guest on Monocle 24, appearing roughly once a week on shows discussing foreign news headlines. Some recent shows are podcasted here, here, and here.


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