Here are a few multimedia projects that I’ve worked on…

  • One to One

    One to One

    I presented two episodes of BBC Radio 4’s One to One, which gives broadcasters the chance to “follow their personal passions”. I talked to two people about parenting in the age of social media.

    BBC Radio 4

  • Zainab’s Legacy

    Zainab’s Legacy

    I was the associate producer on this Al-Jazeera English film, which was directed by my husband Owen Kean and produced by Saad Zuberi.

    Al-Jazeera English

  • Karachi’s ambulance drivers

    Karachi’s ambulance drivers

    I reported and presented a two-part radio documentary series for the BBC World Service focusing on Muhammad Safdar, a Karachi ambulance driver.

    BBC World Service

  • With Reason podcast

    With Reason podcast

    While I was editor of New Humanist magazine (a role I left in 2023), we made two seasons of a podcast in which we discussed big ideas with thinkers, activists and academics.

    New Humanist

  • Karachi’s Unknown Dead

    Karachi’s Unknown Dead

    My first documentary project tells the story of the people who care for the approximately 3,000 unidentified corpses found on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, every year.


  • From Our Own Correspondent

    From Our Own Correspondent

    I wrote and presented two stories – one from Pakistan, and one from Iraq – for BBC Radio 4’s flagship foreign affairs programme, From Our Own Correspondent.

    BBC Radio 4

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