Recent writing

peshawarAs the year draws to a close, here are a couple of pieces I’ve written recently. There’s this column for the International Business Times about Donald Trump’s absurd – but worrying – call to bar all Muslims from entering the US. I also wrote another column for the IB Times, this time looking at what has changed for women three years after the horrific Delhi bus rape.

I wrote a short piece for the New Statesman on the first anniversary of the Peshawar attack on 16 December 2014, when over 100 schoolchildren were slaughtered by Taliban gunmen

Analysts are urging the government to avoid complacency in the fight against militancy, pointing out that the military offensive must be matched by better policing and intelligence to eliminate networks across the country, and accompanied by longer term strategies to reduce the appeal of terrorist violence – such as improved education and regulation of the madrasa networks. As Peshawar grieves today, Pakistan is agreed that it has lost too many already.

And this is a couple of months old, but in late October, I interviewed Mohamed Soltan, an Egyptian-American man who spent 400 days on hunger strike in an Egyptian prison. You can read the full interview over at the New Statesman.

Political periods

skyI recently appeared on Sky News’ Morning Stories segment, talking about the tampon tax. Why are sanitary items taxed as luxury items when all sorts of ludicrous things – edible cake decorations and exotic meats, to name just a few – are exempt? You can see my short rant over at the Sky News website.